Modern hospitals and healthcare clinics are dynamic, fast-paced working spaces. Within this energy lies the potential for chaos. One way to keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently is by properly organizing your medical supplies. In fact, orderly environments promote productivity and reduce stress. To ensure success, here are three simple tips for managing your office inventory more effectively.

Understand Your Inventory

You can’t properly organize your medical office supplies without first fully understanding your entire inventory. Unfortunately, various healthcare resources and devices become lost or discarded because the individual storing them does not know their functions, application, storage requirements, or other essential information. As such, it’s vital that you familiarize yourself with your entire inventory before committing to an organizational method. Within an organizational system, it’s more important to ask about the purpose of an item than of making a guess.

Commit to an Organization Method

Coming up with an original, simple organization system that everyone understands is no easy task—that’s why most hospitals and healthcare clinics use superior supply management methods and storage products developed by others, as these are proven to be effective in medical and office environments.

For example, we at Carstens offer our very own medical office organization supplies designed to simplify and streamline operations. The Kardex Visitray consolidates and compacts sensitive documents, while our CarePods™ provide pre-organized storage and working spaces. Investing in products such as these helps improve workflow and creates a more productive, convenient environment. Consult with the rest of your administrative healthcare staff to determine organization methods and systems that work best with their preferences, as well.

Focus on Supply Orders

Even with a solid understanding of your inventory and a simple organization system in place, medical office supplies are prone to the disorder. This is especially likely if you don’t closely monitor supply orders. Every hospital and healthcare clinic should feature strict guidelines concerning supply quantities and order regularities. Primarily, this reduces clutter and overall waste. As a bonus, a more stringent focus on supply orders helps cut operational costs. Take stock of your inventory and determine whether you can eliminate unnecessary purchases each billing cycle.

Follow these three tips for managing your medical office supplies inventory to ensure a more productive, stress-free working environment. If you need further assistance, please browse our selection of quality medical supply products and organization systems sold here at Carstens.