Branding is important for any industry. If you want to enhance your brand image, you should consider customized products. You can use these products for promotions to get the word out or create a cohesive image for your facility. No matter the reason, custom products are the perfect way to boost your brand image in the minds of returning and potential customers. 

Do you want to find a simple way to boost your brand image? At Carstens, we offer a full line of custom products!

Benefits of Customizing Your Charting Supplies

There are many benefits to customizing your charting supplies. You can create a cohesive brand for both your employees and clients. When your image is shown on charting supplies, it helps to give your medical facility a more professional appearance.

Cohesive, Branded Communications

You want to have a cohesive branding message. With custom charting supplies, you will have branded communications materials that all staff members can use. These customized charting supplies allow your doctors, nurses, and other employees to communicate with each other and remain on the same page. In some ways, it can cut down on any confusion and relieve some of that work stress among your employees.

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Increase Efficiency and Accuracy with Quick-Reference Identification

Time is essential in the medical field. You don't want your staff members scrambling to find the answers to their questions. Branded custom supplies can help with quick-reference identification. Medical professionals need access to accurate and current information. By having access to this information in a chart, the staff can monitor patients, eliminate any errors, and reduce risks in the office. Standard charting supplies may work for a while, but they will not fully meet the needs of your specific facility. Customized charting options allow your medical facility to give the best care to your patients by keeping their information at the fingertips of your medical staff.

nurse with a patient form

Organization Tailored to Your Workflows

There is no one way to operate a medical faculty. Like many other medical spaces, you have a unique practice. You need customized charting supplies to meet the needs of your staff and, ultimately, your patients. These products can help you to organize your workflows. The medical profession can be stressful. For that reason, you don't want to add more pressure by having an unorganized charting system. You can easily choose the right products to promote your brand image and help keep everyone on the same track in the office.

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What Products Can Carstens Customize?

Never worry about using those off-the-shelf products again. With a customized solution, you can add your logo to various items. In addition to that, these customized products can help to create a personalized index system that will meet your specific needs.


If you want to elevate the organization of your workflow, think about custom-imprinted binders and clipboards. There are plenty of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from. All of the binders have three printable areas so that you can create a customized look for your index style. These logos and texts are added directly to the plastic for a premium look, ensuring they won't peel or fade. All of the binders are made with hospital-grade polypropylene plastic. These clipboards and binders can withstand a heavy workload. With that, you are guaranteed to have a quality product that will last for years to come.

Divider Tabs

In the binder, you need divider tabs to keep everything organized. You can choose from a wide range of divider options. Some dividers have one, two, or several tabs. With that, your staff members will have easy access to paperwork, lab results, and other notes for their patients. These dividers are designed just for your medical faculty or other practice. Carstens has a variety of colors, materials, tab positions, tab sizes, tiling formats, and sequencing that you can implement to create a custom set for your binders.

Heavy Duty Clipboards

Along with binders, clipboards do plenty of work in a medical facility. You can choose from a wide range of options to give that customized look to your clipboards. Like the binders, you can easily add a logo to the front of the clipboard. These clipboards are designed to hold up to the everyday rigors of the job. Since privacy is essential in the medical industry, our clipboards have covers that will protect all of that vital patient information.

doctor writing a patient chart

What is Hot-Foil Stamping?

All of our logos are created with a hot foil stamping process. The process is also called foil stamping or foil printing. This foil is applied to another material, like a binder, to give it a professional appearance. Hot-foil stamping is similar to embossing, but foil stamping uses both heat and pressure to create a unique printed design. These foil stamps come in many different colors, but primarily metallic foils, like silver and gold, are used in the process. They are available in glossy or matte finishes.

When you order a customized binder or clipboard, we foil stamp your logo onto the product. We only use the highest quality material, so you never have to worry about peeling or fading. Our foil logos will look great even after a hard day of work. 

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At Carstens, you can customize a wide range of products. Customized products give your medical faculty a more professional look with cohesive branding. Your patients will come to trust your services with an identifiable brand. Along with that, you can help simplify your staff members' workflow by using products that will boost efficiency. Custom products are more than a pretty logo; they can help you provide better care for your patients.

Do you need custom charting supplies for your medical facility? At Carstens, we have custom solutions for your needs and budget. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all. Let us help create a custom product for you.