Charts contain plenty of essential information regarding your medical facility and patients. Any disorganized charting can throw everyone off track. With customized dividers, you can keep track of all that vital data, like test results, patient information, and other matters. These customized dividers help you index in a way that suits your needs. Yes, there are other dividers out there, but they don't have the same benefits as those customized from Carstens. 

 Are you looking for customized solutions for your charting? At Carstens, we have a wide range of products that can help keep everyone organized in your facility. 

Benefits of Customizing Your Charting Organization

By customizing your charting organization, you can create a system that will be efficient for all doctors, nurses, and other professionals in your practice. Most of these off-the-shelf products just don't work, especially if you have specialized needs. Here are a few benefits of customizing your charting


Accurate record-keeping is a fundamental part of a medical practice. With that, every healthcare professional knows what treatment and care options are available for a patient. Customized solutions can help with those records. You can find solutions that record the details of the patients' tests and provide updates about the type of ongoing care in or out of the facility. These records should have a care plan in place to help the patient. While all of that information is great, it can be challenging for the patient to receive a high level of care without accurate records. Customized charting options allow you to create more detailed and precise records that help meet the care needs of your patients. 

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When dealing with patients, every minute counts. A moment's delay could mean the difference between life and death. Customized charting solutions allow you to improve those workflows and shorten the time to analyze information for patients. Streaming your charting can help to reduce any redundancies in the system. These methods allow nurses and doctors to check on the patient's charts and provide the best medical care - all within an efficient amount of time. There is no scrambling looking for answers when you use a customized divider designed for your particular organizational charting system. 

a ring binder


Consistent charting supplies allow everyone to stay on the same page. You could use those standard dividers, but they are usually designed for general purposes. Customizing your dividers provides a solution that works for your charting system. You can create an index system that offers consistent charting throughout the facility. There is no need to worry about inaccuracies due to mismanaged charts. Customized charting delivers the perfect solution to streamline workflows and organize all of your vital records. 

Durable, Custom Solutions Using Hot-Foil Stamping

If you want to create a customized look, remember to choose hot-foil stamping. This hot foil stamping process is also known as foil stamping or printing. You can apply the hot foil to many types of products, like a clipboard or binder. Like embossing, foil stamping is similar, but it uses pressure and heat to adhere the design to the product. You can choose foil stamps in a variety of colors. Most professional organizations choose those metallic colors, like gold and silver. These fold stamps are not one finish either. You can get them in matte or gloss. 

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Carstens Quality

When you order from Carstens, you will receive only high-quality products. We can customize a wide range of charting supplies for your medical facility. 

Binder Dividers

Binders dividers help to keep all of that information organized in your facility. While standard binders are available, there are customized versions for your medical office. We can easily add up to three lines of text. Our dividers are available in 2 to 11 tabs, and they come in over 22 colors. These dividers are tear-resistant. With concerns about sanitation, our dividers are easy-to-clean, and they will hold up the demands of all those high-touch places

Clipboard Divider Sets

You can create a fully customizable clipboard divider set with our durable polyethylene plastic clipboard dividers. All you have to do is choose the tab size, tab position, color sequence, and title format for the set. With that, you have a customized system that will accommodate your facility's workflow. Plus, your custom titles can be hot-foil stamped on the tabs so they can't easily wear off. Like the binder dividers, these clipboard dividers are easy-to-clean and tear-resistant.

Carstens Commitment to Improving Safety in Healthcare

Carstens has always prioritized the health and safety of employees and patients in the workplace. We want to help you efficiently manage your charting system with our products. Our customized options allow you to keep track of all of the vital information so that you can focus on giving only the best care to your patients. All of our products meet the highest standards in the industry. We ensure that every order will fulfill your facility's needs. 

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The Bottom Line on Custom Products for Better Workflows

Creating a more efficient workflow benefits everyone, from staff members to patients. Without it, there could be confusion when administering treatment or recommending options for care. In the medical industry, there is no room for error. Our custom products can help you accurately and effectively deliver exceptional healthcare to your patients. We understand that keeping your charting organized is the top priority for many medical offices and facilities. For those reasons, you can count on our customized products to assist with those responsibilities. These dividers will help improve your workflows and boost the quality of care that you can deliver to your patients.

Are you searching for the perfect customized dividers for your charting system? We offer a full product line of high-quality, professional-grade supplies at Carstens. You can design dividers that will meet the needs of your current system.