A CarePod Full-Motion Monitor Mount with monitor, keyboard, mouse, and various medical supplies.

The Importance of Good Medical Computer Mounts 

When it comes to healthcare facilities and medical settings in general, having access to the proper equipment, tools, and technology is essential. It’s also critical that this equipment can be stored in a secure, space-saving location that can easily be accessed by qualified medical personnel. Expertly designed medical computer mounts are one example of essential equipment that can provide a massive range of benefits for the facilities who choose to use them. continue reading to learn more about these benefits and where medical facilities can find quality, cost-effective models.

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Advantages of Having a Good Medical Computer Mount

Having a specially designed and cost-effective medical computer mount offers several benefits, especially to the medical center or hospital staff that regularly rely on them. Not only do they help conserve already limited space to allow medical professionals to work effectively, but they also provide these professionals with easy access to all of the tools and equipment they may require throughout the day. 

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Good Ergonomics

Monitors set up on ordinary desks and more standard workstations tend to be improperly placed, making them too low, high, close, or far away for people to use effectively, resulting in generally poor ergonomics. This positioning can lead to several unnecessary complications over time, including pain in the neck, shoulders, and back, along with significant amounts of eyestrain. Having your computer monitor mounted on the wall is an effective solution to these problems. It causes system users to raise their heads to look at the computer screen, leading to less stress on the body’s muscles and bones.

Limited Space

One of the primary benefits of well-designed wall-mounted computer monitors in medical settings is that they save significant amounts of precious space. Areas like patient rooms, exam areas, operatories, and other spaces found in medical facilities are often small to begin with, and adding a computer monitor, desk, and other equipment can be very troublesome. Especially since what space is available is typically pre-allocated to specific tools and tasks. Using the  computer mounts provided by the industry experts at Carstens is a great way to ensure that these workstations take up as little space as possible, leaving desks, countertops, and floors clear.


Effectively designed wall-mounted workstations allow for high levels of versatility no matter what industry they are used in, but especially for the medical industry. For example, these wall mounts permit medical professionals to perform a wide range of tasks from a single location, including bedside and clinical documentation, patient registration, and more. 

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Optimized Workflow

Having easy access to patient medical records and imaging data directly from a patient’s bedside can facilitate better and more effective decision-making from medical professionals, leading to enhanced treatment and more comprehensive communication with the patient to help optimize workflow.

Safe From Security Breaches

Wireless computer setups are usually at a much greater risk for potential security breaches and data loss, which is essential to prevent in a medical setting. Wall-mounted computer setups can provide a much safer and more secure option for medical facilities, so they can better ensure that patient’s data is being kept safe and confidential.

Uncluttered Look

Wall-mounted computer stations also offer the benefit of leaving a room looking more professional and less cluttered. It still provides medical personnel with access to all of the tools and equipment they require for their job, but it keeps everything up and out of the way until it is needed.

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Finding the Right Mounting Solution

A CarePod Fixed Monitor Mount from Carstens, featuring a monitor, keyboard, mouse, scanner, and various medical supplies.

CarePod® Wide 6” Wall-Mounted Workstations with Keyboard Door, River Rock


When it comes to choosing the optimal wall mounting solution for your medical center equipment, there are four critical elements that medical facilities need to keep in consideration:


Wall-mounted computers and monitors should be specifically designed for easy adjustment, allowing them to be moved wherever needed for the benefit of both medical professionals and their patients.


The current needs of patients, medical professionals, and medical facilities are likely to change going forward. So all equipment- including all mounted computer monitors- should be easily adaptable and able to incorporate additional components.


Quality is a crucial component of selecting any computer setup. Still, it’s especially critical in the case of wall-mounted computers used in any medical facility. It’s essential to ensure they are steady, durable, and will function well for an extended period, which is why it’s always best to acquire equipment from a respectable, qualified provider like Carstens.


All computer wall mounts in medical facilities need to be compliant with the compatibility standards set by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).

Medical Computer Mounts in a Nutshell

 A Fixed Monitor Mount from Carstens.

CarePod™ Fixed Monitor Mount

In the fast-moving and ever-evolving world of medicine, medical professionals need access to adequate, high-powered, and easily accessible equipment to help provide patients with the best care possible. And wall-mounted medical computer stations are one of the many options medical facilities can utilize to enhance their practice

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