Every medical facility needs to be prepared to assist patients who walk through their doors. Having access to essential medical supplies and equipment allows medical personnel to provide the best quality of care for patients. Here are the five must-have pieces of equipment for any medical office. 

#1 - Start with the Basics

There is a wide range of medical-related items on the market. But first, start with essential items. What does your staff need to perform the critical functions of the office? First, you will need basic office supplies for your staff - computers, desks, chairs, copiers, and phones. Consider adding items that can be designed for everyday work. For example, don't just choose a basic chair. Buy one that can fit all body shapes and sizes. You want your staff members to be comfortable as they work in the office. 

Don't forget about the exam rooms. Make sure they are fully stocked. Think about short-term consumable goods, such as cloth gowns, paper towels, exam table paper, sanitary soaps, needles, cotton swabs, gauze, and personal protective equipment. Plus, look around the office and exam room of your faculty. 

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#2 - Think About Organization

When you have an organized medical office, you can ensure it is efficient. Keep the operations running better by staying on top of the inventory and healthcare documents. Often, these organization supplies are an afterthought for many in the healthcare industry, but they are essential to keeping you compliant and organized.

First, you will want to have claim forms, patient sign-in forms, prescription blanks, and other forms on hand. Always check to see the stock levels so that you run out of these basics. Designate one or two people to keep up the supplies in the office.

Along with that, what else do you need? Organizationa is critical for your office staff members and medical personnel. Pulling files seems easy, but it can disrupt operations when the proper system is not in place. When someone has to search for patient files, it can lead to bottlenecks in the workflow. 

Whether you use file folders or end tanks, those filing accessories are necessary for the office. You want a system where anyone can readily pull paperwork for any patient and file them again in the right place. A messy office is asking for mistakes, leading to poor patient outcomes. 

Additionally, your office needs to consider privacy regulations. You cannot have files haphazardly placed around the office. Privacy is essential for both legal reasons and customer service. Implementing colorful chart labels can provide your staff with vital information, such as allergy alerts or fall risks - without giving away any HIPAA-protected information to others. You can even use labels to color-code files to help the staff when it comes time to bill the insurance companies. 

While you may have a standard filing system, you need something that will hold up to the rigors of daily office use. 3-Inch Heavy-Duty 3-Ring Binder for Medical Charting is made with premium plastics and designed to handle the high demands of any medical office. With their durability, you never have to worry about the binder tearing, bending, or folding. This handy binder will keep all patient forms, notes, and other documents securely in place. This binder has a three-year warranty on the covers and rings.

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#3 - Make Cleanliness a Top Priority

Over the past two years, a renewed focus has been on keeping all areas clean and tidy. Doctor offices and outpatient clinics are where people go when they don't feel well, and these areas can have their fair share of germs. You will want to stock the office with plenty of sanitizers, wipes, and disinfection sprays to keep the waiting areas clean. Don't forget to wipe down the waiting rooms - a hotbed for germs. 

If you want to invest in a high-tech way to keep germs at bay, consider purchasing an air purifier with a HEPA filter. These machines can be placed throughout the office to keep the air free from germs, bacteria, and allergens. These machines are the perfect solution for those who might be working in a shared office and cannot install a new filtration system in the building. All you have to do is plug in the unit and allow it to clean the air. Not only does it keep your patients from exposure to germs, but it can also keep your staff members breathing a little easier. 

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#4 - Choose the Right Diagnostic Gear

While your office staff will not use these items, you still need to have medical equipment on hand for nurses, practitioners, and doctors. These items will come in handy to help your staff members diagnose patients. Pulse oximeters, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, and otoscopes are essential for your treatment spaces to help assess the patient's health and perform screening tests. Staff members will probably not use these items, but they can keep them organized with help from wall-mounted workstations

#5 - Focus on General Office Equipment

Finally, think about stocking your medical office with all of any odds and ends, such as staplers, pens, and printer paper. Grab stickable notes to leave messages for other members of the staff. If you have run out of ideas for general office equipment or supplies, ask your staff member what could help them deliver the best quality of care for their patients. 

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When it comes time to find the right office supplies for a medical office, focus on quality. A medical office sees its share of daily patients, and you want to find items that will be durable to hold up to the daily rigors in the facility. 

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