Product Design Update: Exam Room Flags

Exam room flags are hinged colored tabs typically found outside an exam room. These colored flags can be retracted and extended to indicate the status of the room, service required, and location of the staff. Carstens has updated their exam room flags. With this new design, you can better care for your patient and manage your staff in the medical facility.

Do you want to purchase these new exam flags or other products for your medical office? At Carstens, we carry high-quality products that can help those better manage patient-provider relationships in the healthcare industry.

Importance of Clear, Efficient Communication in Healthcare Facilities

Unfortunately, poor communication can lead to patient deaths and malpractice claims. These mistakes have cost medical care providers and facilities over $1.7 billion in losses in the past five years. Better communication helps the medical staff, nurses, doctors, and patients. Effective communication on an interhospital and intrahospital level is vital for providers to save on costs, increase day-to-day operations, and protect their patients. This communication benefits patients by providing better access to their medical histories, including current treatment options.

Yes, your medical facility can communicate to other staff members with an exam flag. All parties can see where a doctor might be located. Nurses can better manage rooms and help alleviate some patient stress by assigning them to a specific space. Plus, treatments can be carried out fast and efficiently when the correct exam flag indicates where the procedure needs to take place.

How to Use Exam Room Flags

You can use exam flags to suit your medical facility's needs. Some colors are universal in the medical industry. For example, a green flag usually means that the room is unoccupied. Staff members can manage the waiting room and assign patients to certain rooms. The color blue tends to indicate that a nurse is required for the patient. The nurse might have to draw blood, take the blood pressure, or perform some other type of treatment.

Some exam flags are used to alert the staff about specific issues with the patient. Yellow flags indicate that the patient could be more prone to a fall. Finally, the all-important red exam room flag usually means that the red is occupied with a patient. Red is the universal color for stop. There is no chance of accidental walk-ins on the patient with this exam flag while they are undressing or being examined.

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Features of Carstens Exam Room Flags

If you want to communicate with your staff, make sure to purchase the Carstens exam room flag. The signal flags have many features that will help better organize your exam rooms. Plus, these flags are durable and handle all of that day-to-today use.

Features of Carstens Exam Room Flags

High-Visibility Colors

One reason that you choose an exam flag is for the vibrant and high visible colors. Carstens uses vibrant yellows, blacks, whites, greens, blues, and reds for our signs. With that, you can ensure that everyone can effectively and quickly see the color for a designated room. These colors will not fade either. After years of use, the high-visibility colors will remain vibrant in your facility. 

High-Visibility Colors

Sturdy Steel Construction

Along with vibrant colors, these exam flags must be sturdy as well. Our signs are not manufactured with flimsy plastic. We use sturdy steel construction so that your exam flags will hold up the busiest of conditions. These signs are built to last. Our metal brackets can be mounted to any wall and stay strong for many years of use.

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Pre-Assembled with Easy Mounting

When purchasing an exam flag indicator from Carstens, the flag is already pre-assembled. There is no need to affix the banners to the bracket. With that, you can easily find the right spot near your room and mount the indicators. These exam room sets are available in three, four, six, eight, and twelve flag units. All you have to do is find the right option to meet your facility's needs.

Pre-Assembled with Easy Mounting

The Carstens Difference

Carsten cares about improving the quality of products across the healthcare industry. Our product solutions are designed to organize information, enable seamless workflows, and streamline processes. We want to ensure those in the healthcare industry can better engage and connect with their patients. Our products are American-made, and we offer a three-year warranty.

Carstens is Committed to Promoting Safety in Healthcare

We are dedicated to promoting safety in the healthcare industry with our updated products. As industry standards change, so do those requirements for products. We want to ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy. You will always receive a high-quality component that meets and exceeds all of those current industry standards.

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Why Buy From Carstens

Carstens is a woman-owned certified business. When you purchase from us, you demonstrate a commitment to fostering positive change and supporting supplier diversity. With this relationship, you can help us build better relationships with those in the community and the industry. Also, when you purchase from Carstens, a certified woman-owned business, you can take advantage of federal tax incentives.

Carstens is a family-owned company that designs, manufactures, and assembles all of the products in our Chicago headquarters. Our company is ready to partner with you to develop custom flag solutions that meet your specific needs.

doctor and nurse outside of an exam room

The Takeaway on Innovative Products from Carstens

Carstens is dedicated to meeting the needs of those in the healthcare industry. From customized clipboards to exam room flags, we want to streamline the communication process so that you can focus on the needs of your patients. Our complete line of products is made with high-quality materials. Remember, a purchase from us helps to support a family-owned business that produces products in the USA.

Are you ready to make a purchase from our product line? At Carstens, we have a wide range of items that can help improve the communication between your staff and others in the facility. Make sure to check out our exam room flags, customized binders, CarePod workstations, and much more!